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MTH Pumps - Pump Accessories

MTH Offers a variety of accessories to work with MTH Pumps to help complete any pumping system

Information Last Updated 5/23/2013

Quench Gland on C15/P15 Mounted Pumps

Used to protect mechanically sealled pumps from build-up and crystallization of fluid behind the motor bracket and seal seat.

Flange Mounted Centrifugal Pumps

MTH Stainless Steel Flange Mounted Centrifugal Pumps offer the best materials available to create the longest lasting pumps for your boiler feed needs.

56C Face Adapter

Fits a P31, T31, or C Series Pump to any Standard 56 C-face Motor.

In-Line & Offset Suction Strainers

Standard Suction Stainers and Offset Suction Strainers made to fit MTH Pumps to competitor footprints.

Relief Valves

Set at the factory to protect pumps from "dead heading" by supplying a safety bypass when needed.

Self-Priming Chamber Option

Adds self-priming capabilities to any MTH Pump.
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