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MTH 56 C-face Adapter

Fits a P31, T31, or C Series Pump to any Standard 56 C-face Motor

There are now two options when it is necessary to use special configuration motors or special enclosure motors for the P31, T31, and C Series pumps. Previously, it was necessary to mount the pump on a bearing frame and connect to the motor using a flexible coupling. Now, using the 56 C-face adapter to build a close coupled pump for these applications allows a smaller footprint and better alignment.

Application Uses

Use the 56 C-face Adapter with any 56 C-face motor including:

  • Explosion Proof

  • Open Drip Proof

  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled

  • Switched Reluctance

  • Variable Speed Motors

  • 56 C-face AC motors

  • 56 C-face DC motors

“This rugged adapter has a built in bearing for stronger, better alignment of the shaft, resulting in longer seal life and improved wear.”

Simple Construction

Construction Materials



Adapter Endbell


Shaft Sleeve

316 Stainless Steel

Ball Bearing

Chrome Steel

Set Screws

304 Stainless Steel

Various Hardware

Carbon Steel


Speed (Max.)

4000 RPM

Temperature (Standard Construction)

Minimum Environment

-20° F

Maximum Environment*

+250° F



3 HP

*The 56 C-face adapter temperature handling can perform the same as pump limitations.

Download a printable version of the 97-5040-01-588 (56C to Dual Face Adapter Installation) in .pdf format.

If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here Click here to go to Adobe and download Acrobat to download the most recent version from Adobe.

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