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In-Line & Offset Suction Strainers

Strainer Performance

Strainer Dimensions

Now you can replace any CT or CS pump with one of the most innovative designs in the Laundry and Dry-cleaning Industry, the E41 • T41 and E51 • T51 Series Pumps, in a mater of minutes using our new EXACT FIT Offset Strainer.


The offset suction strainer allows the E41• T41 and E51• T51 Pumps to align directly on center for easy replacement of other traditionally used feed pumps. Refer to Illustration below.

Materials of Construction

The MTH In-Line and Offset Suction Strainers are available in all iron. Gaskets are high temperature EPDM Rubber for a long lasting. The offset compression fit configuration is also available in stainless steel.

Stainless Steel

The MTH Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Offset Suction Strainer is priced competitive to the standard iron suction strainers, providing resistance to rust and corrosion under the harshest of conditions at the best value for your pump protection needs.

NPT Threaded Strainers

For applications not requiring SS or exact retrofitting, the NPT threaded iron 90° strainer offers reliable, more economical performance. The cap is on the bottom of the strainer for easy removal of the screen for inspection and cleaning. 1/4” NPT port is provided for vacuum gauge.

Compression Fit Strainers

The compression fit strainers eliminate the need for a pipe unions reducing plumbing costs and creating a simplied assembly using less parts and eliminating any pipe strain on the pump from the suction line.

Internal Fluid Area

Like the E41• T41 and E51• T51 Series pump designs, careful attention has been given into designing more internal area of the strainer body making a less restrictive flow path.

Easy Clean-out Access

Made for quick removal of the screen for easy clean-out. Always recommended in boiler feed system maintenance.

Competition Strainer Mounting

Offset Compression Strainer Mounting

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