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Condensate Return

Another traditional application for MTH pumps, related to boiler feed systems is condensate return service. Condensate (condensed steam) is collected in a receiver which contains either a float switch or level control that starts the pump when the condensate level is high and stops it when low. The condensate is normally pumped to either a deaerator or a surge tank. Condensate has value in that it contains heat energy, so it requires less energy to return it to steam, thus providing savings. Because of their high pressure pumping characteristic and their ability to pump water at temperatures close to boiling (low NPSH requirement) MTH regenerative turbines are very well suited to this application. We are standard equipment on many well known boiler manufacturer's condensate return systems.

Depending on the size of your system, any of our mechanically sealed standard products such as the T Series or our flexible coupled 140 thru 280 Series will do the job nicely. Bronze fitted construction is typical, but MTH also offers low cost stainless steel versions of our regenerative turbine products that feature stainless steel casings and corrosion resistant nickel silver impellers that far exceed the life expectancy of bronze fitted iron units. Please contact the factory and ask about our 7CT7MTH unit which is part of our MTH CT Series line, as well as our MTH CR and MTH CS Series lines.

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