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Coolant Systems

Many coolant systems are designed to pump cooling fluid through long runs of relatively narrow tubing wrapped around a process chamber or a small tool tip. This situation requires a pump with good high pressure characteristics like the MTH regenerative turbines. EDM (electron discharge machining) equipment is designed to remove metal from a work piece in a controlled manner by discharging numerous electrical pulses (like small tightly controlled lightning strikes). The negatively charged work piece is bombarded by the pulses and material is vaporized away. The continuous discharging "gun" or tool must be cooled at the tip to prevent premature failure. To do this, a narrow water passage is provided around the tip. This requires low flow, normally 3 - 10 GPM depending upon the machine, and high heads, 125 - 150 psi. The close coupled MTH T Series pumps are ideal for this application. Please see our Standard Products page to begin sizing a pump based on your flow and pressure requirements. MTH multistage M50 Series pumps are also used in the machine tool coolant industry to provide high pressure coolant outputs up to 1000PSI.

Similar cooling systems are used to cool the tips of plasma arc welders and industrial laser cutting equipment.

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