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Wash Down Service

There are many types of wash down applications. Generally, most wash down services utilize high pressure sprays to clean parts and work surfaces. Because of their pumping characteristics, regenerative turbines are especially suited to those applications where these high pressure, low flow sprays are used.

One specific example from the electronics industry is high cleanliness deionized water washdown. After electronic components, hard drive discs, or circuit boards are produced in an electronics manufacturing plant, they are washed down with high grade de-ionized water that has almost no electrical conductivity. After the wash down, the fluid which is now contaminated is reclaimed and pumped to another area. MTH pumps are used at a high pressure (150-250 PSI) to force the contaminated water through a reverse osmosis membrane that removes the contaminated particles for disposal, and allows the clean fluid to pass through and be reused. Stainless steel construction is required for DI water applications.

Please consult our standard products page to select a pump suitable for your particular application.

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