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Filter Back Flush

There are many different types of processes that use filter material to maintain fluid cleanliness. To extend the life of the more expensive filters, a back flushing system is sometimes utilized to force the contaminates out of the filter material long enough for it to be flushed away. One type of system used in the remediation of certain types of groundwater contamination utilizes a chamber that has a number of layers of stacked trays with small holes in the bottom. The water cascades through the trays via the small holes, leaving the contaminants behind. Heavy buildup of contaminants eventually would clog the holes and shut the system down, so an automatic back flush was developed using high pressure MTH regenerative turbine pumps to force the contamination buildup out of the holes at 300 psi, thus cleaning the trays and keeping the system on line. Please go to our standard products page to begin sizing a pump to your particular application.

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