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Fuel Cells

Large capacity fuel cells are now available to provide "clean" uninterrupted AC power for such critical installations as hospitals, computers, or areas subject to low voltage, where normal combustible fuel generators are not feasible, or are undesireable. These cells can operate in conjunction with, or independent of a commercial power grid. The systems utilize an electrochemical process to convert the chemical energy in natural gas into electricity and heat. The generation process is environmentally friendly, non-polluting, highly reliable, and extremely quiet in operation. Some of our current fuel cell applications use two MTH T Series pumps. One is a circulation pump which continuously filters a supply of de-ionized water necessary to the process, and supplies the feed pump. The feed pump operates at 120 psi and injects the DI water into the process to produce the hydrogen necessary for the chemical conversion and generation process. Please see our standard products page to size a unit for your particular fuel cell application. All MTH products are available in 316 stainless steel construction which is recommended for high grade DI water service. We also manufacture a number of Sealless Canned Turbines for applications where long term absolutely leakfree performance is a requirement (X Series, ST and SE Series). Specialized DC and AC sealless models coming soon.

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