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Pressure Injection

The unique high pressure characteristics of the MTH regenerative turbine pumps make them ideal for pressure injection applications.

One application is to inject creosote at 150 psi into wooden poles and bridge planks to preserve the wood and prevent insects and animals from eating the wood.

Another type of pressure injection is the adding of chlorine to water treatment systems. In this application, a relatively small amount of water (generally, less than 30 GPM) is diverted from the main stream to an MTH pump, which provides the high pressure required to force the water through a special orifice which creates a vacuum that pulls chlorine into the system and mixes it into the main water line.

Yet another application injects curing agents into concrete. The high pressure of a regenerative turbine is used to drive the curing chemicals through nozzles, while the low flow characteristic provides metering control. These agents control the drying time and are varied depending upon the travel time to the job, as well as environmental conditions.

For mechanically sealed units, please see our standard products page to size a unit for your particular application.

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