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Temperature Control

Controlling temperature is critical in many process operations. One of the primary methods used to accomplish this is to heat or cool a fluid medium, such as water, DI water, glycol, or synthetic oils, and then circulate the fluid around or through the product or process. Since long tubing or piping runs are often used to reach the point of process, a low flow, high head pump like the MTH regenerative turbine is ideally suited for these conditions.

For example, one of the most critical processes in the production of computer chips is the depositing of various conductors onto a silicon or other semiconductor substrate. This process is applied in a sterile, vacuum environment that must be temperature controlled to less than 1 degree variation. MTH T Series pumps are used to supply the temperature control fluid to the production process area.

Other temperature control applications include; controlling mold temp for rubber and plastics processing for both material flow and curing optimization, cooling oil in machine tools, or the ink in high speed printing presses. Depending on the fluid, temperature and chemistry, a variety of pump constructions such as bronze fitted, all iron, all bronze or 316 stainless steel may be required. For less critical applications, any of the mechanically sealed units on our standard products page may be sufficient to handle your application, while expensive or toxic cooling mediums such as Galden (TM) or Flourinert (TM) may require the use of a sealless canned pump which you can learn about on our custom engineered products page.

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