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MTH Pumps - North American Distributors

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Central America & Bahamas
Maria Yanez Plantation, FL, U.S. 954-473-8339 954-473-8369


Dominican Republic


For further Assistance in Mexico please contact:
Manufacturer's Representative - Maria Yanez - Office/Cell: 954-473-8339 - Fax: 954-473-8369

Maria Yanez Plantation, FL, U.S. 954-473-8339 954-473-8369
  Mexico City 01152-5553995157  
Puerto Rico
Angel L Acevedo Capara, PR 787-781-6390 787-781-0697
Orlando Nieves San Juan, PR 787-720-3320 787-720-5960
United States
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**Embargoed Countries. The U.S. Government prohibits anyone from doing business with any establishment or entity in an embargoed country. Do not import or export any product, service, or technology from or to any establishment or entity in an embargoed country.

Please contact Bill King at the factory for an assigned Distributor or Representative in areas outside of the United States.

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