MTH Pumps - P31 Series
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MTH Pumps P31 Series Regenerative Turbine Pumps

P31 Options

P31 Integral Relief ValveInternal Flush Line

The P31 Series offers an optional internal seal flush to extend operating temperature to 250°F.

Integrated Relief Valve

P31 Pumps are available with or without a built-in relief valve*. The relief valve temporarily protects against dangerous over-pressure. All relief valves are preset at the factory to your specifications (60 to 100 psi range available). At the specified relief valve setting, the flow will fully by-pass from the outlet to the inlet through the relief valve chamber. The specified relief valve setting is an average; individual pumps will vary both above and below the specified setting. The relief valve actually cracks open and begins to by-pass flow at approximately 50 psi below the relief valve setting. The standard relief valve is made of a special high temperature plastic.

Optional Motor Capabilties

All P31 pumps can fit onto ultra compact 36 Frame UL and CE approved motors, as well as Standard MTH dual face motors. Optional motors with higher horsepowers, solid state starting, TEFC enclosures, and 3 phase capabilities are also available.

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