MTH Pumps - E51 • T51 Series

E51 • T51 Series Regenerative Turbine Pumps

  • Capacities to 40 GPM

  • Heads to 700 Feet

  • Low NPSH Requirements

MTH E51•T51 Series

Close-coupled and pedestal mounted regenerative turbine pumps represent the most economical, high performance alternative for low flow (2 to 40 GPM) clean fluid applications involving moderate to high pressures (heads to 700 feet). By combining the latest concepts in regenerative turbine pump design with precision computer controlled manufacturing, the E51 T51 Series pumps deliver high efficiency operation, even at low NPSH. Costs are controlled by efficient manufacturing processes and highly optimized pump designs. Maintenance costs are kept to a minimum by combining an easily serviceable design with the use of high quality components to provide long life.

Water Passage Design

MTH masters one of the most critical design considerations for regenerative turbine pumps -- the shaping of water passageways to achieve highest capacity and pressure while minimizing horsepower requirements. By optimizing water passageway cross-sectional profiles for each impeller, MTH has improved both efficiency and pressure in the E51 T51 Series, and exceeds the levels realized by previous techniques.

Impeller Profile

One of the most notable improvements in regenerative turbine pump technology incorporated in E51 T51 Series pumps involves the ability to determine the optimum impeller width and blade length. These factors have a significant effect on the required horsepower versus pressure curve for regenerative turbine pumps. By optimizing these for each E51 T51 Series pump, peak efficiency is improved and “off peak” horsepower requirements are reduced as well.

Impeller Blades

After the most favorable impeller profile has been determined for a particular water passageway cross-section, MTH calculates the number of blades needed to maximize the performance of that pump. Current blade design in E51 T51 Series pumps increases both efficiency and design pressure without the manufacturing difficulties associated with producing contoured blade impellers. State-of-the-art computer controlled machines simplify manufacturing of the various MTH impellers utilized in the E51 T51 Series. The result is a high performance pump providing efficiency characteristics exceeding those of more expensive units.

NPSH Requirements

E51 T51 Series regenerative turbine pumps meet low net positive suction head (NPSH) requirements without efficiency loss. This is achieved by keeping the inlet fluid velocity low and then gently accelerating to passageway velocities. Special ramps are responsible for an almost shockless fluid entry into the impeller blades and account for the high inlet efficiency of the E51•T51 Series.

E51 Series

Similar to the T31 Series, the E51 takes advantage of our custom manufactured dual face D3 motors that incorporate a 304 stainless steel shaft and a heavy-duty bearing. The stainless steel shaft eliminates the necessity of a shaft sleeve, thereby reducing the parts count and simplifying maintenance and servicing procedures. All D3 motors feature a two-pole 50/60Hz rating, as well as CE Mark approval useful for OEM’s with worldwide customers. The three-phase versions of the D3 motors feature a compact TEFC enclosure and a power output from 1/3 to 3HP. The single phase D3 motors have an ODP enclosure and a power range from 1/3 to 2HP. The E51 is available in horizontal close-coupled and vertical flange mounted configurations only. For other configurations, see the T51 Series. Please see Design Features for more detailed information on both E51 and T51 motor options.

T51 pedestal Mount Engineering Specs

For a copy of the E51•T51 Manual and E51•T51 Parts List, go to the Product Support Page.

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Download a printable version of the E51 • T51 Catalog Pages (curves and dimensions) in .pdf format.

Download a printable, metric version of the E51 • T51 Catalog Pages (curves and dimensions) in .pdf format.

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