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Identifying Your Pump

All pumps shipped from the MTH factory have nameplates that include information on the model number, serial number, and item number of the pump. These are used to identify the pump, its configuration, materials of construction, and all other accessories associated with it at the time of shipment from the factory. When ordering replacement pumps or parts, the factory will require either the serial number or item number of the existing pump to make sure proper replacements are provided. Model numbers are also useful to confirm the correctness of the serial number or item number.

Where to Look

Model Numbers

The model number identifies the pump series or type, size, number of stages, and the standard materials of construction. Model numbers alone cannot identify whether the pump has any special or optional materials. Model numbers are often necessary to confirm the correctness of a serial number or item number. Refer to the Standard Product Model Numbers for a detailed description of MTH model numbers.

Serial Numbers

The serial number provides a unique identification of the pump and links the pump to its factory sales order file that contains the model number and item number. Serial numbers identify the pump’s manufactured date, sales order number it was processed under, and the corresponding item number on the sales order. It is comprised of three groups of characters (numbers and letters) separated by dashes. It has at least nine characters depending on the length of the sales order number and the number of pumps on the sales order. Serial numbers are indicated on the pump nameplate as well as stamped on the pump casing.

The following is an example of a serial number:


06H –Date Code. Indicates the year and month the pump was manufactured. “06” is the ending of the year, while “H” is the month when the pump was built. Letters “A” through “L” are assigned to correspond to the order of the month in the calendar: “A” being January and “L” being December.

100101 – Sales order number. It is a five or six-digit number that indicates the sales order number the pump was processed under.

1 – Pump number. Indicates the number assigned to the pump depending on the number of pumps manufactured under the same sales order.

The serial numbers stamped on the pump casing only include the sales order number and pump number, and do not have a date code.

Item Number

MTH normally utilizes a 25-character item numbering system to configure the whole pump assembly. In some cases, special item numbers that are shorter than the standard 25-character are assigned to assemblies for a particular end-user or OEM. Item Numbers are created mainly for internal purposes to generate bills of material. Home, Find a Pump Type, Find Your Application, Standard Products, How to Buy Our Pumps,
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