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ST31, ST41, ST51, SM50, SL50 Series Design Features


Capacities from 1 to 40 GPM, Head pressures to 3500 Feet, higher capacities and pressures available through the use of a Variable Frequency Drive up to 90Hz. See individual T31, T41, T51, M50/L50 Series mechanical seal curves for initial sealless pump selection.


Three Phase 1/2HP to 8HP, 3450/2880 RPM (60Hz/50Hz), 190-240 volt(Optional variable frequency range 40Hz-90Hz.): Single phase 1/3 to 3/4HP, 3450/2880 RPM (60Hz/50Hz), 180-240 volt.  Consult factory for availability of 460V units.


316 Stainless Steel wetted components with Viton O-rings are standard, with other alloys and sealing materials available by special order.


Six inch 3 phase 1/2HP to 8HP Motors utilize Class C insulation suitable to handle liquids from -120°F to +302°F (-84.4°C to +150°C). Four inch 1 phase 1/3HP to 3/4HP Motors utilize Class F insulation suitable to handle liquids from -120°F to +194°F (-84.4°C to 90°C).


Carbon-Graphite material selected for liquid compatibility and wear resistance.


Most models available in vertical or horizontal mounting configuration with NPT, SAE, BSP, ISO Threaded ports or ANSI standard flanges.  Suction and Discharge ports may be rotated in 90 degree increments.

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