Regenerative Turbine Principles - MTH Pumps
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General Sizing Procedure

  1. Select required Head. Move horizontally to intersect pump Head-Capacity line.

  2. Move vertically from intersection point on Head-Capacity line to read Gallons per Minute.

  3. From intersection point of vertical line with the BHP (Brake Horsepower) line, move horizontally to the BHP scale for required Horsepower.

As a general rule, size the pump to operate near its best efficiency point which is typically between 50% to 80% of its maximum capacity.

When using multi-stage pump curves, select the number of stages that will not only provide the desired flow rate, but one that will operate at greater than 50% of its maximum flow rate to obtain longest life and lowest horsepower requirements.

The four stage is the best selection for the curve illustrated. The three stage selection would be considered fair at 40% of maximum capacity and the two stage would not be recommended. Home, Find a Pump Type, Find Your Application, Standard Products, How to Buy Our Pumps,
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