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Who is MTH Pumps

MTH Pumps is a highly vertically integrated regenerative turbine, centrifugal, sealless, and OEM pump manufacturer who sells its products through representatives, distributors or directly to large volume OEM's. The company is a closely held family owned business that has grown consistently over the years since its inception in 1965. One key to its growth has been its ability to determine the cause of customer pumping problems and solve the problems with custom engineered solutions. Another important factor in MTH's ongoing growth has been its commitment from very early on to stock and make its standard catalog items available in 3-5 days or less. MTH is dedicated to producing products with superior performance and high reliability, while still maintaining a low cost, and servicing its customers in a timely and professional manner.

MTH Pumps' main product goal is to develop and produce pumping products that address the needs of various industries, OEM's, and end users alike. Towards this end we have embraced a very customer-centric drive that has lead us to develop a wide variety of mechanically sealed regenerative turbine, centrifugal, and other pumping products. These products have grown in popularity over the years to become what MTH considers its Standard Product Line. The wealth of engineering creativity that nurtured the development of the company from its inception continues to be expressed in our Custom Engineered Products. In some instances our custom engineered products are simple modifications of our standard product line. While in many other cases, MTH has designed entirely new styles and types of pumps (such as sealless) to suit exact customer needs and specifications.

MTH pumps are produced in a modern U.S. manufacturing plant in Plano, Illinois, utilizing state-of-the-art computer controlled machining equipment to provide consistently reliable products. 100% of our products are tested before leaving the factory to assure quality.

Some of our existing areas of application expertise include boiler feed service, booster service, car & truck wash, condensate return, deicing, chillers, heat exchangers, pressure testing, spraying, transfer, wash down, temperature control systems, chemical mixing and metering, fire protection jockey systems, refrigeration, petroleum processing, as well as many other chemical process applications. Please see our Pumping Product Types and Applications sections for a more complete list.

We encourage you to browse through our Standard Product offerings, which themselves have many optional features and constructions to meet most customer's needs. If you don't find what you need or are just curious about MTH's wide range of capabilities, please visit our Custom Engineered Products section.

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